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This is a letter sent to explain the OASIS project.  Please refer people to it or print it out and deliver it to anyone you think might care.

I am writing to connect with you about an important project in your community – a welcoming “rooftop garden oasis” at Victoria General Hospital for parents and kids, patients, visitors, staff, and volunteers – a place to breathe, to have lunch, to relax. Our group, the Victoria General Hospital Auxiliary, led this project and we raise funds to help with the purchase of greenery, planters, and furniture.

As a community leader we thought you might appreciate learning more about our Auxiliary, the project and any opportunities for us to work together.

The VGH Hospital Auxiliary is an independent charitable society made up of committed volunteers who raise funds year-round to help Victoria General Hospital purchase much needed medical equipment and furniture. We have been working to improve the hospital since it opened in 1983 and have contributed  almost three million dollars to help improve patient care in this community. We raise funds through our hospital gift shop, local bazaars, and a yearly poinsettia selling campaign. Our new project to create an outdoor oasis was far outside our usual activity, but we felt there was a compelling community need for this space and so decided to help out.

Our garden oasis project came about when the hospital Site Director showed us a large outdoor rooftop area (1000+ sq. ft.) on the third floor of the north wing of the hospital. This space is paved with concrete tile, but was devoid of greenery or shelter for patients, volunteers, visitors, or staff to rest and relax in a healing outdoor setting. When we learned that there was no budget to improve this space we decided to step in.

We have installed:

Landscape services and greenery (trees and shrubs in gigantic planters and 3 flower planters)

Octagonal picnic tables and benches

2 long, slim green metal pergolas to give a little shade and distract from the mechanicals sharing the rooftop.

Outdoor lighting to show off the plantings after dark is still on the wishlist.

It has been suggested that you might want to hear more about our project and what opportunity there might be for us to work together.  We hired the contractor, Edibella Organic Landscapes in February 2016, built in April, and had the official opening June 21st 2016.

Does this spark your imagination? Do you have any advice, suggestions, offers? Would you like more information?  I would be very pleased to meet with you in person and will connect with you soon. All the very best to you and thank you for taking the time to consider our request.

Signed by Val Smith, President


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