Below you will find a listing of each job description.  You can click on the job title for more information.

These are abbreviated descriptions.  More detailed descriptions can be found in the members' area.  If you are a member, sign on to the home page and the "Members' Area" menu item will become available for you.



Serves until replaced by outgoing President

The Past President is a voting member whose position is to advise the Board. 

Valerie Smith -- President



2 years; no limit.


The 1st Vice-President is an officer of the Board & must have been a member in good standing for over one year.

Be prepared to take on the role of President if required by the General Membership and/or Board.


- To assist the President and act as Chair of any and all meetings as requested by the President. 

-The 1st Vice-President is in training to become President. 

- Assists the President and performs duties delegated by the President, the Board, or the General Membership

Joyce Manning, 2nd Vice-President

Term:  2 years

Shirley McElwee-- Secretary


Shirley McElwee was elected at the 2017-8 AGM for a two-year term.


- The Secretary is an executive officer and must have been a member in good standing for over a year.

- To keep current anything involving the Auxiliary charitable status.

- To respond to all official correspondence.

- To keep financial institutions and government current about Board information.

- To take, read, and have approved Minutes of Board Meetings, General Meetings, Special Meetings, and Annual Meetings.

- To prepare the annual report.

- Ensure that the meeting room is ready.

- Post approved minutes in the shop back room.

Marilyn Elbourne -- Treasurer

Barb Chalk -- Hostess & Decorating

Valerie Smith -- Web Administrator

VGH Volunteer Co-ordinator

Cathy Earl -- Shop Convenor/manager

Joy McBride -- Concourse chocolate sales convenor

Named by the Shop Convenor to serve at her/his pleasure.  The Buyer shall plan and supervise sales in the concourse.


Purdy’s chocolates are stored separately under lock and key.

The seller sets up.  When finished, return float money to the locked drawer and follow instructions for closing.


Regular checks by convenor to check if bars need to be ordered. Inventory at the end of March each year.


Convenor to make regular requests at monthly meetings for new sales staff.


The money made from the bars is Auxiliary money not shop money.

The convenor orders the bars.

Valerie Smith

Barb Chalk -- Balloons

Marion A. Russell - chief buyer

Jennifer Duggan -- Buyer plush toys

Barb Chalk -- Director, Sunshine & Candy Cart

Candace Verners -- Communications Team

Directors appointed by Board for one-year term.  Serves at the pleasure of the Board.


- Create a team including the Web Administrator, the President, and other interested members.

- Take responsibility for social media.

- Submitting approved expenses to Board.

- Assisting convenors and the Board with publicity for events and projects.